The Beginning

Where should I start? I should have written my first novel around 25 years ago. Life got in the way. A lot of things kept me from writing. When I think of all the books that went unwritten during that time, it pains my heart. As time goes on, as we come to know one another, I’ll open up more and more about those missing years and why I could never put pen to paper.

Until then, though, I have a head full of stories and characters that need to be given life, and I hope you’ll follow along as they are brought into the world. Most of my ideas are in the horror realm, but not all. Occasionally, I’ll post short stories for download, but you may also find other things of interest, such as a rough draft of something I’m working on to get input as to whether or not continuing with the endeavor is really worth it. For right now, feel free to read the first several chapters of Dead Fall.

I have taught writing in the past, and I love to talk about the craft, so I”ll occasionally post about my writing, my routine, and changes I’m making to a work in progress and why. Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting.

And if I see a good horror film or read a good horror book (or any film or book, for that matter), I’ll be sure to let you know so you can maybe check it out for yourself.

I am in need of Beta-readers, so feel free and contact me if you would like to apply to be one. I don’t pick just anyone, though. I need some proof that you know enough about writing and storytelling that you’ll be a genuine asset.

I have a lot of plans for you and me that go far beyond the stories I want to write. Together, I think we can take the writing and entertainment industry and turn it on its head. But that’s a little ways into the future. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I guess that’s it, for now. Please subscribe to my mailing list so you can be sure and keep abreast of all that’s going on in Xand Land.

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